Bourbon Soaked Strawberry Shortcake

I love strawberry shortcake, but I’m not a huge fan of the little sponge cakes that you buy from the store, so I have always made my shortcakes with a sweet scone instead of those cakes. We make scones on a pretty regular basis for tea time and lunch snacks, but they double really well as the base of a shortcake as well.

Bourbon Strawberry Shortcake |


We were having friends over for dinner one night and I thought that soaking the strawberries in bourbon might make a nice change to the classic dessert and give it a sort of “grown up” feel, so we tried it. It was a unanimous hit! Everyone raved about the subtle hint of bourbon and noted how it complemented the sweetened whipped cream, too. It was a winner from day one and I’ve enjoyed making this recipe again and again.

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Sun Oven Part Two: Cooking In The Oven

Using the Sun Oven is pretty simple. You set the oven up, point it towards the sun, use the leveling leg in the rear to raise or lower it, and make sure the door is latched closed. After that, you wait for the oven to come up to temperature.

Sun Oven Part Two: Cooking In The Oven |

I decided to do something very simple for the first “real” dish cooked in the oven, and so I picked a pork roast out to roast in there. Now sometimes I’m not the best meal planner so my slow cooker comes in handy for me because I can cook pieces of meat or roasts that I forgot to defrost the night before. Since some things never change, my pork roast for the Sun Oven was frozen like a little rock as well. Initially, I was extremely worried about it since our sun isn’t all that strong out in the winter months. I worried that the roast wouldn’t cook and/or stay semi-frozen. I was dead wrong.

Get Cookin’

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Food Storage Review: White Bean and Lime Chili

So you’ve stored away a bunch of long-term food storage and suddenly you need to use it. Thinking you’ve got his in the bag you open a can or bag and prepare the meal. Then you taste it….and it’s less than amazing. Disgusting, even. This is what I fear will happen to many people who don’t actively try out and taste their food storage. Yes, something in your belly would be better than nothing, but with all of the food storage companies out there now why settle for just getting some food into you? Emergencies are stressful enough without your food being an issue, too

Valley Food Storage White Bean & Lime Chili Review |

White Bean & Lime Chili with a little dollop of sour cream.


We taste and try out all sorts of new food storage on a petty regular basis, and ALWAYS before we decide to purchase any for our food stores. I absolutely refuse to stock any foods into my pantry that don’t taste good. I’m picky like that 😉

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Sun Oven Part One: Set Up and Cleaning

I’m a huge believer in having more than one way to cook at home. There are many options available to people who want to have a back up for a power outage or other off-grid situation, and I’ve been exploring some of those methods recently. Last year, we started learning to cook in a dutch oven using charcoal. This year I hope to expand that into learning to use the dutch oven over open fire as well. There are wood cookstoves, propane BBQ, camp stoves, rocket stoves, backpacking stoves, wonder ovens, solar ovens and more out there to aid you in your electricity free cooking adventures and each has it’s own particular quirks. Right now I’m learning to use my Sun Oven and I’d like to take you through that process with me.

Sun Oven Part One: Set Up and Cleaning | I've been wanting to play around with solar cooking for a long, long time and I finally got the chance. Follow this multi-part series as I share my experiences with the sun oven.

The Sun Oven is a wonderful way to harness the power of the sun and use it to cook delicious meals.

Harnessing the power of the sun!

When I was asked to review a Sun Oven, I was thrilled. There is just nothing more exciting than cooking a whole meal, for free, using the energy from the sun. I waited so impatiently for the box to show up so I could use it and see how it went. When you get the oven, there is a protective plastic coating on the metal that needs to be removed and then the unit gets cleaned.

The peeling of the plastic went very well for us. I didn’t have any problems getting it all off and thought that it was a very simple process. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of this process because I was squealing like a little girl with excitement and forgot to take any.

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Playtime Can Be Learning Time, Too

Learning Through Play With VTech 

I think you can safely say that we LOVE our VTech learning systems in this house. I love that I can download games and apps, or purchase cartridges to use with the systems to continue to extend their learning possibilities, and my girls love that they are fun. It’s nice that the kids can play something that they love and enjoy, while learning a new skill or polishing one that they already posses.

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