This is going to be fun!
I thought this out for a while so I could make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate.
Here is the skinny:
I’m going to showcase 7 of my favorite cookies from December 1-7th. Each day will be a new cookie recipe with pictures and step by step instructions.
That isn’t even the best part. No, no- the best part comes from you, the readers. I want you to email me your favorite cookie recipes STARTING today and no later then December 1st.
AND are you ready for this?
Each recipe that you send to me is an entry into a drawing for a very special FREE PRIZE!!! (Limit of 5 entries per person)
There are only 3 rules:
1) You must be a US resident
2) You must “like” Cooke’s Frontier on Facebook
3) You have to participate to get an entry
At the end of the Virtual Cookie Exchange, I will make all of the cookie recipes that you send in available to all of you in a handy printable format.
So, how easy is that? You send me your favorite recipes, get entered to win a VERY cool prize and discover a whole bunch of new cookie recipes just in time for holiday baking!
The email address for the blog is cookesfrontier(at)yahoo(dot)com

The winner will be announced on December 8th no later than 10 AM PST.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone has to send in! Let the game BEGIN!!