Canning now for gift giving later


Would you like to listen to this as a podcast? Well you can! Things To Can Now For Gift Giving Later is this weeks podcast. You can listen to all of my shows on the Survival Mom Radio Network in the Cooke’s Frontier Archives.

No one wants to think about the holidays while they are canning away in the middle of summer, but really, it’s the perfect time! You can can (ha) up a bunch of items when the fruits and veggies are at their peak, and save them for easy gift giving later in the year. There are a lot of things you can make using just a hot water bath canner, and during this podcast, I’ll share some ideas and recipes of mine and from around the web.

Let’s start with zucchini! It’s everywhere and it’s plentiful. It’s also usually really, really cheap if you aren’t growing it, so it’s perfect to use.
My favorite things to can with zucchini are zucchini relish, zucchini pickles and mock zucchini! These are my favorite ways to preserve zucchini and they make REALLY great gifts 🙂

Zucchini relish– Garden Therapy

Zucchini Pickles– Mommy’s Kitchen

Mock Pineapple– Chickens in the Road

Next up, there are always the picked foods: sweet pickles, dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, pickled veggies, dilly beans, & cowboy candy are more favorites here.

Sweet pickles–

Dill pickles– Mama Economics

Bread and Butter pickles– Simply Recipes

Pickled veggies– Recipe Girl

Dilly beans– Shrinking Kitchen

Cowboy candy– Canarella

How about syrups? Always a nice change from pure maple syrup, fruit syrups or special sryups can make your pancakes super special. Plus, they’re great on ice cream!!

Fruit syrup– SB Canning

Salsa’s are another super gift item to can now and give away later

Salsa– Common Sense Homesteading

Peach Salsa– Home Ready Home

By the time you’re done canning this summer, you could potentially have all of your gift giving needs covered for the adult people in your life. Last year, we found some really cute condiment carriers that a wide mouth jar would fit into and these were perfect for holding our gifts, and they weren’t very expensive, either! I always appreciate being able to do something now to make my life easier a little later, so this is right up my alley. I hope you try it too-who doesn’t love to get some delicious home canned goodies as a gift! They’re perfect for every occassion