I loved this book, I had absolutely no idea that there were so many dumplings out there in the world! I was sadly mistaken about the possibilities, so I am very happy that I picked this book to review. It’s laid out very well with a very nice introduction that covers equipment is essential to have and which is not necessary but nice to have on hand. Then there is a breakdown on ingredients, what they are, how to get them and so on. I found this especially helpful. Moving on there is a section explaining and over viewing cooking techniques that you will need to use and finally some tips and tricks to ensure successful cookery. 

From there you travel through the many shapes that dumplings come in and explore their many fillings. We tried to make a new recipe at least once a week and had fun not only trying to make them, but tasting our way through the world as well. Wonderful book, fantastic recipes, many amazing memories made. 

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Last Modified: July 31, 2016