I tested this product prior to moving, however it was left in a storage unit when we made our cross-state move, so I do not have pictures to share other than stock photos because, well, the item isn’t here. Sorry about that! But, I do think you guys will agree that this is a pretty cool product.

I was given this item to review through Deep Creek Pr, however, all of the opinions and views are my own and completely honest.


This review will be for the Sherpak Boat Roller from Seattle Sports Co I hope you bear with me as this was challenging to do without my camera to take photos.

When you first receive your boat roller, you have some very minor assembly to take care of. You’ll need to remove the nut, bolt, and washer from the suction cup in order to attach the bar and then thread that bolt assembly back through and tighten. It was very simple, didn’t use any special tools and took less than 5 minutes.

The boat loader seems very well made, it’s durable looking and sturdy without being overly heavy and cumbersome.

To use the boat loader, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your rear car window to be sure that it is absolutely free of any dust, dirt or other substances that won’t allow the suction cups to make good contact with the glass. I cleaned mine with a good all purpose window cleaner and a lint free towel. To attach the boat loader to your window, you simply lift the leavers on the suction cups, position them on your window where you’d like it and press the levers back down, making good contact with the glass with the suction cup.

The next step s to load your boat and tie it down! We did have some minor issues with the boat roller popping off o f the car window a few times, even after it had been cleaned well. I think this is because the suction cups are so stiff….there really isn’t a huge amount of flexibility in the cups and we have a pretty rounded rear window, so the suction was always as great as it could have been. But, by the time we had used it a few times and it had been worked a bit, it seemed to be softening up and working a lot better.

We thought that this was a really great piece to have if you load and/or unload your canoe or kayak alone. We look forward to the day when we have more room and can free this from the storage unit of doom and actually use it a bit more.

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Last Modified: November 22, 2016