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Welcome To Cooke’s Frontier!!!

I’m Charley, the writer here, and I’m so glad that you’ve found us and I want you to have a pleasant experience each time you visit. This site is packed with information from top to bottom, but when there is that much to look through deciding where to start can be a challenge. I’d love the chance to guide you through all of the wonderful resources available to you here. Let’s get started!

Why Cooke’s Frontier?

When I first started this blog, it was a place for me to record my day to day life raising the kids. It changed and evolved into something much different than that. The one thing that has always stayed the same is the name: Cooke’s Frontier. I chose it because what we were doing was new to us, having and raising multiples along with our singleton kids, living a little more self-sufficiently, cooking and baking from scratch, dabbling in animal husbandry. It was a wide open, brand new, amazing adventure and I couldn’t help but liken it to a frontier. New, untouched, wide open places. So, I coupled that with our last name (Cooke) and Cooke’s Frontier was born. If you’d like a more in-depth introduction to my family, you can learn more on the About Us page.

How can you possibly be a homesteader?

Homesteading in and of itself is defined as a lifestyle of self sufficiency, i.e raising your own crops, vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, fiber and other products. In our case, we define ourselves as homesteaders because we’re actively trying to learn the lost skills and arts that our grandmothers and great grandmother before us possessed. Society as a whole is leaning towards a throw away, consumerist society and most (if not all) people who identify themselves as homesteaders are looking for ways to consume less, produce more, and lean on themselves for their food and more.

Some ways we homestead:

Is A Milk Cow Right For You?

Smoking Venison Jerky

Dehydrating Blueberries

Wait! Are you a Homesteader or a Prepper?

Both! I think one goes hand in hand with the other. If you think about it, what most people consider to be “prepping” today was simply laying in the stores for previous generations. They would fill the larder during the spring, summer, and fall (so do we by canning, smoking, pickling, hunting, and buying short- and long-term storage items). They would have enough lamp oil, wood, and other fuel sources on hand to last a while in case getting to town wasn’t an option. They would have first aid, medication, and other essentials on hand…..simply because for some of them, there was no one else to rely on or no money to be spent unless is was an ABSOLUTE emergency. If you do these things now, most would consider you a prepper. I’ll consider you a friend 🙂 How about a couple of prepping articles?

Are You Prepared To Evacuate?

Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready?

Personal Water Filtration Options

What’s the best way to use your site?

That’s an easy one! At the top of the page, there is a menu running across the screen. Simply choose one of them, recipes for example, and you will be taken to a page (or pages) listing all of the recipes you can find on this site. Find one you like and click that link to be taken directly to it. It’s as easy as pie. Speaking of pie, here’s a couple of my favorite recipes.

Lemon Sour Cream Pie

Dutch Oven Berry Cobbler

Peach Crisp

How can I contact you?

Email me at, I answer email pretty quickly.

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